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Fish Gelatin

Benefits of Fish Gelatin in pharma

  • Gelatin is a key ingredient in the production of soft & hard cell capsules.
  • It is used as a multi-tasking agent for vitamin A & E.
  • It can be used to temporarily expand blood volume during medical emergencies.
  • Achieves healthy joints and greater bone strength.
  • Protects muscles from degradation.
  • Heal gut lining by providing basic building blocks.

Benefits of Fish Gelatin in food

  • It is used as a natural technical agent – it clarifies fruit juices, beers and wines by removing tanning agents & the solid particles that cause turbidity. (used as clarifying aid or thickener)
  • It can make sliceable aspic meat products & sausages.
  • It is used to prevent syneresis in yogurts.

Other benefits of Fish Gelatin

  • It is used in plastic industry due to its protective colloid properties.
  • It is used in match box industry to make match heads.
  • It is used in photographic industries.
  • It is used in ballistics test.
  • It helps to remove oil, fats, rust and other contaminants from the surface.
  • It is also used in the field of automobile safety research because of gelatin’s unique functional properties.

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